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We here at 101 Apparel have been huge fans of Nightmares On Wax since the early sounds of “Smokers Delight” to our favorite “Caraboot Soul”. Its an honor to present this exclusive design collaboration with DJ E.A.S.E. of Nightmares On Wax. Each t-shirt will include an exclusive mix CD by DJ E.A.S.E. of Nightmares On Wax!

Nightmares on Wax is DJ and musician George Evelyn, also known as DJ EASE (Experimental Sample Expert), from Leeds, UK. The musical style is a combination of electronic sounds and hip hop beats, often regarded as "Chill Out". Nightmares on Wax's music is released on Warp Records. Evelyn got his start in the music industry through an interest in hip hop and on joining a local breakdancing crew, he met Kevin Harper and together they released their first album in 1991, a techno-edged record entitled A Word Of Science: The First And Final Chapter.

Evelyn went on to run The Headz Club in Leeds, and started his own record label, Poverty records. The next Nightmares on Wax release was not until Smoker's Delight in 1995, by which time Harper had left to pursue a career in DJing, reducing the band to a solo project. Evelyn began to record more of his trademark chill-out tracks, and brought in a variety of musicians and vocalists, giving the music a greater variety as well as allowing him to take the band out on tour.

In 2000, Evelyn assisted in the comeback of hip hop pioneers De La Soul, when they appeared on the EP The Sound of N.O.W.. Although De La Soul have maintained a steady, loyal and strong fanbase since the beginning of their career some have argued that Evelyn's EP helped push them back into the public eye.

In 2005, Evelyn started his own independent record label, Wax On. The upcoming N.O.W. album is set to release in conjunction with this t-shirt collaboration, mid summer.

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