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Nickodemus grew up in NYC in the 80's and 90's on a healthy dose of Hip Hop, Reggae & House. He got his 1st turntables at age 12 & was attending clubs & DJ'ing in them by age 15. Since then he's traveled the World over spinning a wide range of club music & producing 3 albums & 100's of remixes to date. "Back in the Days" is a new single release on his homegrown WONDERWHEEL Recordings label & it features The Real Live Show (Sun Children, Give the Drummer Some, Moon People) as well as The Jungle Brothers legend BAM (aka Afrika, aka Baby Bam). The cover art was made by some of the influencial records of the 80's & 90's that shaped Nickodemus' sound as a DJ & producer. The 101 mix references that "Back in the Days" vibe with some samples of the 169 records used in the design of the letters in a current club sound bringing it all full circle. "You know how we used to do it Back in the Days!" 

Wonderwheel Recordings is pleased to present Back In The Days, the first taste of the brand new Nickodemus album coming in 2014. Touring and collaborating with musicians all over the world since 1996, Nickodemus is continuing his impressive streak. One of Nickodemus’ biggest musical influences has been the Native Tongue Movement of the ’90s, so they already spoke the same language and knew they had to work together. The Real Live Show, the barrier-breaking duo of Stimulus and Malik Work, have collaborated on several past songs with Nickodemus including “Give the Drummer Some,” “Sun Children,” “Gimme the Music,” “Moon People,” and more.
“Back In The Days” is the meeting of these minds, all quick to the concept of going back to their NYC roots. BAM takes listeners to the ’80s while Stimulus and Malik Work aim for the ’90s. The song hits hard with a hip-hop (read: electro-funk) groove meets acid house style and tempo. Nickodemus goes solo on “The 303 Scenario” which does what it says on the tin, developing into a thick but fun acid track. Both of these songs and the alternate Hip House version of “Back In The Days” would work over any dancehall.
Mix CD is free with the purchase of the Nickodemus T-shirt.

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