"Rhythm and tone creates our existence. We are the music. Understanding the cosmic power of Sonics is an ancient theology.  In urban environments music is a pressure valve, a social scale, the metronome of city life.  Some people admire the music, some play with music, and others become the music. The craft I study is lineage passed down from the likes of David Mancuso, Nick Siano, Tee Scott, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, and Ron Hardy to name a few. The art of evoking feelings and telling stories through  recorded materials (Records) is by far one of the most intriguing, mystical, and misunderstood forms in this last century. DJ culture has taken the world by storm but has now become somewhat of a surface philosophy compared to the true power underneath.

 Time marches on and things will change but the original surge of Music and Power will not. The pure source of what makes us all feel the way we do when we collectively come together and rejoice, chant, and move is universally sound.  When we open ourselves beyond limits we can touch the frequency that pulses in the airwaves.

Music and Power has been my moniker for over the past decade because it best describes the purest essence of what I do and what I am connected to. Art and design has always been the root of it all for me.

 I studied architecture from the earlier stages of my life alongside, playing drums, collecting music, and being a history enthusiast. I guess you can say it is a combination of who I am and what I do today as producer of sonic forms. Collaborating with 101 is allowing me to express a portion of my vision to share with my collective worldwide. I admired 101 Apparel’s ability to capture a certain ratio of analog inside of their design. I am a big fan of punk art and rebel design. There is a chicness inside of simplicity and a complexity in its creativity. This presentation is a combination of my sentiments through Sonics and fabrication, all weaved together to connect to you."

- Ron Trent

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Ron Trent "Music & Power"  DJ Mix - Double CD

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