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In today's fast-paced culture of opportunism and ambition, you seldom meet an individual with remarkable abilities and a storied history of achievements concurrently anchored in humility. Thus, the virtuoso known as GE-OLOGY is a rare find indeed. During the 80's, the young Baltimore native eventually relocated to New York City, where his multi-dimensional talent was destined to ripen with opportunities that continue to ensue globally. This masterful music producer, exceptionally skilled DJ, and equally gifted visual artist has been acclaimed for over two decades, however he remains somewhat of a mystery. Over the course of his career, he's worked with the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, De La Soul, Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon), Jem and even a young Tupac Shakur. After years of producing dominantly hip-hop tempo releases, he defiantly returned in 2015 with the dance floor monster "Moon Circuitry" featuring Mark de Clive-Lowe (his debut single on Theo Parrish's esteemed Sound Signature imprint). It was received in high regard as perhaps one of the top releases of the year in the underground dance music scene (instituting anticipation for his full-length LP scheduled to be released later this year).

Although his roots in composing 4-on-the-floor dance tempo music dates as far back as his earliest hip-hop beats, this seemingly "new" direction boldly challenged expectations based on his previous body of work. Yet to the contrary, his very first production appearance came in the form of a collaboration with the Baltimore-based house music legends, The Basement Boys, who used one of his tracks for their 'Those Guys' moniker in 1993. Collecting records from the age of 5, playing instruments from age 9, and DJing since the age of 11...his relationship with music has been a lifelong journey of unyielding education & exploration. There's something very personal, intimate and risky in his approach to playing records that you don't often experience in today's DJ sets. Traveling across continents with selects from his carefully curated vinyl collection, he digs deep, weaving diverse genres that seamlessly coalesce to bring dance floors to life. 


"Back in May of 2016, a message from my good friend Mark de Clive-Lowe showed up in my inbox. It was an email introduction connecting Eric Crandell (the founder of 101 Apparel) with me for a possible collaboration project. Over the years, 101 Apparel had collaborated with a list of acclaimed DJs, artists and music producers for their limited-edition "101 Apparel Artist Series", so I was quite honored when they reached out to me as well.

 At the time, Mark and I were riding the wave from my Sound Signature release, "Moon Circuitry", a raw uptempo dance-oriented song which features his brilliant keyboard playing in combination with some soulfully-unapologetic "slap you in your mouth" music I produced. The record broke boundaries, won awards and opened eyes in ways I didn't anticipate, majorly catapulting me back into the music production scene after my 5 year hiatus away from releasing records. And things have been growing stronger and stronger ever since...something I'm beyond grateful for. So when the 101 Apparel opportunity presented itself, I knew immediately that it would be important to connect the dots back to my history...helping my new audience I've acquired in the current underground dance chapter of my career, to also have a taste of my roots in underground hip-hop, etc.

For the exclusive promo 7-inch, I wanted to revisit a song favorite I produced and recorded with Mos Def, and on the flip, include a previously unreleased song I produced and recorded with Yukimi Nagano (prior to the formation of the band Little Dragon she's now become famous with).

Constantly touring and DJing internationally this entire time, it's taken longer for everything to finalize for this project, but I knew once all was completed, it would be special. Plus being that 2018 marks the 25th anniversary since my music was first released on vinyl, I felt this was also the perfect way to remind or enlighten folks that I didn't just pop onto the music scene in 2015. Despite my youthful appearance, I've been at this for quite a long time. It's remained important for me to not only continue to challenge myself in new ways, but to maintain the balance of staying true to the principles that my legacy was first founded on...the things that I've learned from the greats that came before me. 

Collecting records since the age of 5 means that diggin' for music has literally been threaded into the fabric of my lifestyle the last 4 decades. It's been a lifelong journey of discovery, education and pure joy that keeps me growing, learning and sharing. So I definitely wanted my DJ mix to reflect this. My goal was to cohesively weave a slow-building story using numerous vinyl gems from various soulful genres I've collected over the years...records that would eventually inspire the listener to get up out of their seat and dance, evoking the kind of inner happiness that only music from the soul can fill us with. Whether we're familiar with the music or not, or what year it was recorded and released...good music that moves us remains timeless in my opinion. And hopefully through my selections, this becomes apparent...enjoy!" - GE-OLOGY

Ge-Ology Stays Diggin 7" Vinyl EP: "Superstar" Featuring Mos Def

Ge-Ology Stays Diggin 7" Vinyl EP: "Longin" Featuring Yukimi Nagano  

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