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Before many DJ’s were exclusively using Serato, innovation and creation in mixing records was a necessary survival skill -- adapt or die.

Rockin doubles was one of the essential tricks to the art of DJing. You bought doubles of a track and mixed different parts of the same cut to create sonic effects -- beat juggling, extending the break, repeating the hook or chorus -- the variations were as endless as your creativity.

Rockin doubles was designed to make dancers move and chin scratchers bob their heads in awe. Our good friend J-Rocc -- who we are featuring this season along with Lefto with an exclusive design and mix -- is a master at rockin doubles.

Disco Doubles pays respect to the legends; Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles, Daniele Baldelli, et. al who were innovators when it came to flippin disco doubles. An essential design geared towards the DJ’s, producers and dancers who appreciate the art and history of DJ culture.

*Includes a special download card redeemable for 1 download of our choice from our DJ Mix Series.

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